A close-up Show... is a fantastic opportunity for a few people to experience magic up close and personal with lots of hands-on participation.  This type of show often involves 6-12 people.  Usually it is performed in an intimate environment; a private room at a restaurant, or at a private residence.  Everybody is amazed as 'magic' happens right at their fingertips.  This is a special kind of magic usually reserved for a select few who enjoy having their sense of reality challenged!

 Mentalism... is a type of magic that takes the spectator into the realm of the extra sensory or the occult.  Small shows of this type are often done as Seances.  Larger parlor or stage shows will often involve a great deal of audience participation. This is ALWAYS a unique show, tailored to the target audience. What starts out as "...just a bunch of tricks, meant to entertain; in no way to promote a belief in the occult, ESP, or supernatural powers of any kind...", soon has you wondering... it MUST be real!"

A Parlor Show... is usually performed in a party environment, and can entertain 15 to 60 people with magic everyone can see. There is always lots of audience participation, a lot of humorous situations, and tons of fun for everyone! This is just the type of entertainment you want for those family gatherings, birthday celebrations, or any time you want to make YOUR special occasion memorable for you and your friends.

Stage Magic... is designed to allow large numbers of people access to the magic at the same time. A special magic happens when you have a large audience, anyway. A stage show is fun, entertaining, and always amazing. "How did he do that," is the number one phrase of the show! Shows of this type are held in theaters, auditoriums, halls, schools, or churches. Usually they are tailored to a target audience. Obviously, a convention of adults, and a grammar school assembly have slightly different perspectives and need vastly different shows. When I can target my audience, we all have more fun. My stage shows are all self-contained. That means that there's just me to setup, perform, and pack-up. Therefore, I don't do the ”typical” magician stuff; just unique magic that groups of up to 300 people can view with ease, and puzzle at length over.

Strolling Magic... is best suited for those occasions where you have small groups of people spread out over a park, large restaurant, or any function where people tend to move about and mingle. The magician involves small knots of people in close-up magic (usually for 3 to 10 minutes), and then moves on to another group. This allows people to mingle, converse, AND enjoy some entertainment as well. Strolling is usually a prelude to the magician's stage or parlor show. It not only gets people intimately involved, but also whets their appetite for more magic.

Hospitality Suite Magic... is a variation of  strolling magic, and is performed in hospitality suites for conventions or functions. In that situation, the magician draws the entire crowd in the suite into the magic for 10 to 15 minutes. They draw closer, wanting to get a better view of what's happening, and the sales force brings up the rear. The client's product or service mentioned, or worked into the magic, and when the magician winds up a set, the spectators already have a salesperson at their side. This is a very effective combination of marketing and commercial magic!

Pricing: Depending on when, where, and how long, prices will vary. You can expect to pay premium prices for a professional. Check out my Background Information if you want to know why I  command the prices that I do. You can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $1,000, depending on the type and duration of show. Special circumstances may increase the cost substantially.

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As a professional magician,
I can handle just about any type of magic you may require.

 I specialize in close-up magic. However, I'm well versed in just about every other aspect of magic, as well. From mentalism, to parlor, to strolling, to hospitality suites, to stage magic... I can fulfill any magical need.

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