Why Book A Professional?

There is an old adage: "You get what you pay for."

Your best friend's uncle Harry, who does a few "tricks" may be a great guy, but when it comes to handling any type of crowd, unruly kids, heckling adults, or simply the unexpected (which is actually the rule in performance situations)... it is worth paying for a professional! People will remember your event; one way or another. Do you want them to remember the great magic show they saw, how amazed they were, and what a great host/hostess you were to have found such magical entertainment? Or do you want them to leave embarrassed for you and the poor amateur who fooled nobody, and who really did not entertain, either?!? With a professional, you know you are booking someone who is in business to entertain. They can't afford to do shoddy work; negative "word-of-mouth" feedback will put them out of business. In addition, a professional will always treat you and your group with dignity and respect.


So... What is Dave Hoag's
Professional Background?

While I perform professionally, I am also busy in many other aspects of my magical craft. If you read on, you may (hopefully) be able to formulate a bigger picture of who I am, how I look at magic, and how I approach my magic. As a performing science? Yes. As an art form? That, too. But mostly as a marvelous means to an end: entertaining people; bringing them joy and wonder for a brief moment in time where they can suspend their belief and recapture the lost magic and wonder...

of looking at the world through childlike eyes and laughing with wonder and amazement!



I have been a student of magic for more than 35 years. While magic is timeless, there is always something new to learn: a new technique, new applications of technology to old forgotten illusions, and new ways of looking at the world through "magic" eyes. I have been a member, and studied at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California (a wonderful club dedicated to the advancement of magic).  I read extensively; both new books related to magic and old texts (when I can get my hands on them).  In that respect, the Magic Castle is the Mecca for magicians; they have one of the largest and most complete libraries of magic in the world.



Although I've been performing professionally for the last 25 years, my actual performing career spans most of my entire life. As a child, I was performing and totally amazing my parents at an early age. Neighborhood kids being what they are, my performances for my peers were met with somewhat greater skepticism.


Over the years, I've developed completely different shows for close-up, stage, parlor, mental, strolling, and children's shows.  My favorite is close-up, followed closely by children's magic. I do a lot of shows for individuals who can afford to hire a top-rated magician. I also create magic shows and themes for business clients and hospitality suites. Business magic, done correctly is lucrative for my clients (as well as for me).  All of my magic involves the audience. I think it's important to involve them in the magic.  That way it becomes "real" magic for them. When I can get an audience to suspend its belief in the workaday world, they can then enter a magical realm where they can relax, be amazed, and fully enjoy themselves.


What follows is a list of clients for which I've performed
(most are repeat customers)

Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed, Data General, General Automation, American Demolition, Orange County Underwriters Association, Candlewood Country Club, UCLA, Interval House, Southern California PTA, Southern California Grad Night Foundation, The Classical Ballet Conservatory of Southern California, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Diabetes Association, Interval House, Southern California area churches and schools, and hundreds of private shows and bookings.



Magic is a craft that is constantly reinventing itself. Most of the magic we see performed today is merely the updated version of what was being performed a hundred or perhaps a thousand years ago. Magic is a mystical paradox: constantly changing and growing, yet always remaining the same. Magic embraces the future, while remaining deeply rooted in the past.


Over the years, I have invented several NEW magical effects. Some are (as far as I know) completely original inventions, while most are new ways of performing classic illusions. A few are combinations of two or more effects to create something unusual or completely new. What are these wonders? Ah, that would be depriving you of seeing me perform them in person. You'll just have to catch one of my acts. Better yet, book me for a private party at your home or business.  You won't be disappointed!



If you really want to know a thing, teach it. As my schedule permits, I sometimes teach classes on magic. However, I will only take on a private student that demonstrates a love of the craft and an extreme commitment to its pursuit. Thus far, three students under my mentorship have successfully applied to, and have become performing members of, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.


Some of the places where I have taught classes on magic include:

After School Arts Program, Under The Bigtop, and The University Of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).



Sometimes, clients have a requirement or need to work something magical into a television show, stage production, or business presentation. Most of the consulting work involves analyzing the requirements, the performance setting, the target audience, and the client. Many times clients already have an idea of what they want. Usually it's unfeasible. The real trick is to convince them that there is something we can do, and that it will be just as entertaining and surprising as what they originally had in mind.


The following are a few of the more interesting consulting jobs I've undertaken:

Southern California Grad Night Foundation, The Classical Ballet Conservatory of Southern California, and The New York Magic Symposium.



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