Why this is a "MUST HAVE" tool! Besides the awe and wonder of being able to peek into the infinite, this tool allows you to actually create a record of your trip into the Mandelbrot Set... sort of a "fly-by." It has one of the easiest, most intuitive user interfaces in the entire industry, because of Markís incredible genius. Iíd ask: "Can we make this simpler? Can we add this feature? What if we did this?" Mark did all that... and more!

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How much will this "cool tool" cost me? Plenty, right?

--- Wrong... itís only $20.00 (downloaded)---
--- $25.00 if you MUST have a disk (S & H included) ---

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No packaging... we prefer to e-mail it to you. Simple and secure. If you absolutely have to have a disk, we will mail you one for $20.00 (the extra $5.00 covers shipping and handling).

  1. No support... it has a simple interface. Kids work this with NO instruction.
  2. IPO (Initial Product Offering)... You KNOW it will be more later.
  3. Zeal... we want everybody to share in the Mandelbrot experience. For a long time, Mark and I have wanted to share the wonder we found peering into the regions of chaos which surround the Mandelbrot Set. Unfortunately, you needed a REALLY powerful computer, lots of memory, plenty of storage, and unlimited calculation time... until recently! Mark, genius that he is, has performed a software miracle with The Mandelbrot Movie Maker! If you are running Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, or XP... you can use this program to do what super computers couldnít do just a few short years ago. Markís major limitation is the capacity of your math coprocessor, so the tool is crystal clear until you reach a magnification of about ten to the minus fifteenth!!!! Thatís like looking at your hand, magnifying it with a magnifying glass, then a powerful microscope, then an electron microscope, and then you run out of tool ability to magnify the image any further. With Markís ingenuity, you can effectively magnify the Mandelbrot Set 1,000,000,000,000,000 times (now thatís a LOT!!!).

Now YOU can own the best Mandelbrot viewer on the market!
(and the easiest, too)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... one of my best friends (Mark Lehman) and I discovered the mathematical wonder and breathtaking beauty of the Mandelbrot Set. Since we were both programmers, we immediately said: "Hey, let's see if itís true. Letís try calculating and plotting this number set and these fractal structures. It wasnít quite as easy as we thought it would be, but we kept inventing tools, and Mark released his ultra cool:

 Mandelbrot Movie Maker (version 1.0).

The Mandelbrot Movie Maker
Movie Maker