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David A. Hoag

, Senior Software Engineer

25+ years of experience in all aspects of software engineering.

Personal Information:

Home address, phone, and other personal information will be provided upon request. Send requests to the following e-mail address:


Currently employed by Triconex in Irvine, California. The work is challenging, and the pay is acceptable.


AS, Data Processing, Control Data Institute; current publications and technical journals; technical shows and seminars; the web; ongoing.


Current position:

As a Senior Software Engineer for Triconex Corporation in Irvine, California, I am responsible for continuation engineering within the engineering division. I was most recently involved with the Pulse Totalizer board for the Tricon system of safety equipment. I offer support and expertese to any group within the engineering division on an "as required" basis.

Previous Positions:

As a Senior Software Engineer for Cable And Computer Technologies, Inc. (8 1/2 years) I was most recently involved with a large scale data transfer switching project (DTS) where I was responsible for software analysis, design, implementation, and documentation.  Most notably, I was responsible for the design and implementation of the software control of the system Hot-Swap capability (an Expert System), as well as being responsible for directing the testing and validation of the operational user interface (LMT).  Previously, I was responsible for the implementation of the STAR MVP as part of the B-52 project for the Air Force, which involved using the Wind River Tornado development environment.  Prior to B-52, I was responsible for the various Type Tests and customer acceptance testing for the Pickering project.  As lead software engineer for the A-6E LSE, I was responsible for developing laboratory support equipment to support the A-6E Intruder aircraft software development for the Navy.  My responsibilities included analysis, design, implementation, operational interface issues, test and validation, documentation, and the direction of several programmers; all to DOD STD 2167A. During my tenure at CCT, I was CCT's Software QA Manager, consultant to Configuration Management, and I was involved with Futurebus+ and Posix standards, and initial efforts toward ISO 9000 certification.  I  successfully led CCT through government software audits, participated in proposal efforts, and initiated and implemented the software standards and conventions which CCT utilizes today.  I represented CCT at computer shows and symposiums, taught technical classes for the government, acted as customer liaison, participated in Critical Design Reviews (CDR), and acted as Responsible Authority (RA) during testing, acceptance, and sell-off of projects.

As a Computing Specialist for Hughes Aircraft (9 years), I was involved with a variety of classified projects.  My responsibilities included analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation, and the direction of other programmers.  My experience included the first successful implementation of a COTS Real-Time Multitasking OS.  Prior to that, I designed and implemented a M68000-based Real-Time Multitasking Operating System, as well as all of the application functions for the Blackrock project.  Earlier, I was responsible for the firmware development of the Basic User Unit (BUU) on the PLRS Project, which involved the control of a radio relay network, communications with a master and secondary network, and extremely critical real-time requirements.  I was also an active member of several committees to evaluate software/firmware pricing and planing, and to create standards and conventions for the development of software and firmware within the Surveillance and Sensor Systems Division at Hughes.

As a Senior Systems Analyst for Data General Systems Division (5 1/2 years), I was involved with the design and implementation of operator interfaces, databases, communications subsystems, multiprocessor support, device drivers, interrupt service routines, system initialization, and backup and recovery procedures on a variety of AOS-based Data General systems.

As a Programmer for General Automation (1 1/2 years), I was involved in the development of one of the country's first large-scale Distributed Computing Facilities (DCF for Bank of America).  I helped develop and implement the DCF Network Operations Center (NOC), as well as perform integration of the completed DCF.

As a Programmer for Code Research Corporation (2 years), I helped develop real-time applications, multitasking operating systems, reentrant programming techniques, system generation procedures, data acquisition and structural test systems, and software documentation techniques.