Hard Rock Valentine

Long ago
In a sunny southern land,
A man and a woman
Shared a golden wedding band.

From the River Of Life
So mysterious and deep
They shared a single cup,
Which brought on vision-sleep

"In the river, on its bed
Two rocks butted, head to head.
The big one had a smallish groove
The small was shiny, round, and smooth.
Small rock rolled from side to side
While big rock took it all in stride.
It came to pass, that over time
The rocks had fit together fine
And should the current surge or run,
The two rocks acted now as one.
Yet, take the small rock, as a test,
You'll see, alone it's like the rest.
And the big rock now, without the small
Doesn't seem quite right at all.
The hole where once the small rock rolled
Is empty, desolate, and cold.
Separate, they were just alone.
Together, they had built a home."

Those lovers woke
And even now,
You can hear their laughter.
Their love is strong
And they still live
Happily ever after!

Original poetry
David Alan Hoag
Feb. 1, 1985

I wrote this for Patti; I donít remember the specific reason