Stopping by Triconex on a Rainy Evening

            (with apologies to Robert Frost)

            Who’s out sourcing? I think I know.
            His office is in Foxboro though;
            He will not hear me as I scream
            To watch our valued IP go.

            The little voice inside of me
            Is wondering what the plan could be.
            How can we bet our future on
            The country with the lowest fee?

            To build it safe, we’ve fought that fight
            We’ve always kept THAT end in sight.
            On some impoverished, far-off shore
            Where is their will to do it right?

            When safety turns on lowest pay,
            And making quotas rules the day,
            I’ve miles to go to get away,
            I’ve miles to go to get away.



Original poetry
David Alan Hoag
October 19th, 2004

This poem is obviously a parody of Robert Frost’s famous poem (Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening). I wrote it to make a statement about the hidden dangers of out sourcing our critical Intellectual Property to other countries... half a world away.